Sometimes in December 1972, to the three brothers, namely: Gan Bong-kak, Chua Nai Pieng and Joseph “Yummy” Kaw, and two sisters namely: Azucena Kaw and Charing Garcia. Brother Chang Wu Chen addressed the following questions: “Do you love the Lord? Do you love His testimony?” Could a negative answer be given to such soul-searching questions? Nay, never could it be. Therefore, a nod of the head and an audible yes with confirming Amen made Brother Chang to direct them to meet as the church in Malabon beginning January 14, 1973.

Therefore, on that sunny afternoon of the 14th day of January 1973, the Lord’s table meeting was established in Malabon on the ground of oneness. Many saints from other localities witnessed the glorious testimony at 43 Gov. Pascual Ave. Acacia Malabon, Metro Manila. The meeting place was a factory compound of a saint-couple. Since then, regular meetings were held every week, like the prayer meeting on Tuesday evenings. Bible-fellowship on Thursday evenings, and the Young People’s Gospel Meeting on Saturday evenings. The children’s meeting was also held every Lord’s Day at eight o’clock in the morning.

Being a young church and being burdened on how to increase in quantity and in quality, a big gospel meeting was held on May 3, 1973 with the coordination of the saints from different localities. Praise the Lord! A seed was gained out of this preaching which led to the increase of the number of Filipino saints. The Lord led the young church to grow from less that 10 saints to over 20, thus requiring a bigger meeting place. So, in the summer of 1974, the Lord prepared the Dujunco Annex for the church to rent, which she occupied for almost eight years.

First Representative to Anaheim Training

It was also in 1974 that the church had its first representative, Brother Yummy Kaw, to join a training held at Anaheim, California on the book of Romans. He came back sharing the riches he obtained.

Highlights from 1975 to 1979

One of the most unforgettable years for some saints in Malabon was 1975, when the saints experienced exorcism. It was an unimaginable experience because the saints were only invited to preach the gospel, not knowing that the gospel contact was demon possessed. When they learned about it, they just depended on the Lord Himself and called aloud on His name to cast out the demon. Praise the Lord for His victory! The friend was released and was baptized into His Name, and the church was edified.

In 1976, through the Lord’s pleasure, a representative of the church, Sister Charing, attended the Summer Training in Anaheim on the book of Revelation (Part 1). In 1977, the Metro Manila churches held an International Conference at Liberty Hall in Manila, where the church in Malabon coordinated by serving the laundry needs at the visitors. It was also in the year 1977, the month of December, that the church had its first wedding meeting.

The young people were indeed burdened for the gospel. In the year 1978, they started to preach every week from house to house in the town of Valenzuela. During the middle part of this year, the Lord sounded His call for some trainees for the one-year training conducted by Bro, Liu Suey. Three saints from the church joined this training, among whom one is now a co-worker, Brother Danny Sy.

During the Asian Conference for the co-workers and elders in October 1979, the church participated again in the laundry service. Since every piece of garment was hand washed and sun dried, we prayed very much for a fair weather which the Lord also gloriously gave.

The love and oneness in this small church caused the Lord to pour His spiritual and financial blessings. That’s why in September 1979, the land where the present meeting hall stands was bought after so much prayers and so much seeking. In the summer of 1981, representatives of the church went churching in Taiwan with other saints from the different localities of the Philippines led by Bro. Liu Chi Cheng.

Construction of the First Meeting Hall

After so much prayers, finally in September 1981, the construction of the meeting hall started. The ground-breaking was done through the prayers of the saints who went to the site by groups according to their chosen time. As the meeting hall was being constructed, more new faces were added to the church. Praise the Lord for His marvelous work. In October of the same year, the church was represented by four brothers and four sisters to join the training conducted by Bro. Witness Lee in Hong Kong and Taipei. After almost ten months of construction, the church finally transferred to the new meeting hall on June 12, 1982. Saints from different localities were invited to attend a love feast in gratitude for the Lord’s leading throughout the construction of the meeting hall. In the same year, two representatives of the church attended the 10-day training on the book of 2 Corinthians, 1 and 2 Thessalonians held in Anaheim. Indeed, the church has always her “first” in the month of September

The First Video Training

After buying the lot in September and constructing the meeting hall in September, the church had again a new thing done in September 1982—the church’s first video training where over 60 saints attended. Amen! It was also the first time when Tagalog was officially used as one of the languages for translation, thus, benefiting quite a number of Filipino saints found Tagalog more easily understood. With Fookienese translation simultaneously going on, the saints coordinated well, thus, putting Satan to shame!

The Beginning of the Written Translation Work

In January 7, 8 and 9, 1983, three gospel meetings were especially earmarked for the Gentiles in-charge of the electrical system. The church in Malabon declared 1983 as the year of the gospel for the Lord! Hallelujah! Christ is victorious, ever victorious. Amen! As Filipino saints were increasing, more and more of them need Tagalog materials to read. So, by March 1983 the written Translation Work began by translating, first the Life-study of Exodus coordinated by almost 18 translators, each one given a paragraph to translate. Praise the Lord, from 30 copies it increased to 60 copies to provide the need of the local saints.

Participation in Propagation

As the burden for the gospel became more intense, the saints decided to go out for the Lord’s work. In April 1983, the first trip to Casiguran was pushed through. Seventeen saints were baptized there, and it was such a glorious beginning. This culminated in the establishment of the church in Casiguran, which actually became the breakthrough in the Lord’s propagation work in Regions I-VI of the Philippines.

Also in April 1983, some saints visited the churches in Cebu and Zamboanga together with Bro. Liu Chi Cheng. In May 1983, the second video training on the books of 1 and 2 Peter was held in Malabon. In May 1983, negotiations to buy the adjacent lot were made, and, finally, in June 1983 the lot bought where the present Literature Center Building stands.

Multiple Blessings for 1984

At the onset of the year 1984, the church received a twofold from the Lord. Finally, a saints in the church in Malabon consecrated her full-time for the Lord. Secondly, the elders of the church had the opportunity to attend the Elders’ Training held in Anaheim, California. In this same year, several books of the Life-study were translated into Tagalog, such a Galatians, John and Romans. Not only the saints in Malabon were supplied by the translated works, but even the saints in other localities. By September 1984, the construction of the Literature Center started. In November 1984, Bro. Witness Lee came to the Philippines. He sounded the call for full-timers, and instructed Bro. Liu Chi Cheng to conduct the Full-Time Training for the sake of the future of the churches in the Philippines and of the propagation. Praise the Lord! Four saints from Malabon responded to the call.

What Transpired in 1985

The year 1985 was also a year of the gospel. As the construction of the Literature Center was on going, many souls were added to the church. By August 1985 the Literature was almost finished. Some full-timers were housed there. In this year, home meetings were held in different homes in Malabon. Also, the saints who resided outside Malabon but were still meeting in Malabon held their own home meetings. Through these home meetings, the saints in San Fernando, Pampanga, became the church in San Fernando, and, also, the ones living in Valenzuela became the church in Valenzuela. So, the church in Malabon gave birth to two churches in 1985. In November 1985, Bro. Lee came again to the Philippines. And the church in Malabon participated in the service by accommodating the saints from different localities.

1986’s Noteworthy Activities

In 1986, thank the Lord for letting the church in Malabon participate in the work of propagation. Again, in this year, the saints living in Navotas, who were meeting in Malabon answered the Lord’s call to stand as the testimony of the Lord in Navotas. Praise the Lord for his new birth! The Lord also increased the number of the saints through the Nazarite Training. The Nazarites were assigned to preach the gospel in different places in Malabon, and many got baptized into His Name.

In the Summer Training on the Conclusion of the New Testament, Part III held in Irving, Texas, four saints from Malabon attended.

By the end of the year 1986, a young people’s gospel conference was held, and many people got stirred up and were burdened to preach the gospel by door-knocking. This was to follow the flow of the ministry by using the booklet The Mystery of Human Life. Many friends got baptized, and many houses were opened for home meetings. Praise the Lord!

1987-1996 in A Nutshell

April, 1987—Malabon started to have district meetings: district 1 at the meeting hall; district 2 at Sis. Charing’s house; district 3 at Bro. Chua’s house; and district 4 at Bro. Joe Lim’s house.

1988—Malabon launched herself into propagation. Bro. Chua Nai Ping, one of our elders, accompanied Bro. Liu Chi Cheng in the propagation; Malabon garnered the highest number of points in the propagation of the churches.

1989—Malabon did not cease to help in the propagation. The work has a goal for 101 churches. Praise the Lord, He awarded the diligence and perseverance of the saints with 103 churches. Malabon again garnered the highest number of points for being the top propagating church for the second time. Praise the Lord, visitors from abroad started to pour in to visit Malabon and the other churches.

1990—The number of the districts doubled into eight plus a bonus of the Chinese-speaking districts—Districts 9. Due to the increase in the number of saints, the third floor of the meeting hall was added. There was actually a super-typhoon arriving but due to the unified strong prayer of the church, it was delivered to the sea, thus, the ceiling of the second floor was secured from destruction.

1991—August, the joined effort of the work with the Malabonians enable the Lord’s recovery to have the first Tagalog New Testament Recovery Version published.

— Several Malabonians attended the Summer Training in Anaheim to pursue the Life-study messages on Daniel and Zechariah. A landowner, who is an atheist for 68 years, got saved due to the corporate prayers of over 600 saints.

1992—To increase the number of he saints, the church had branched out to more districts and sub-districts.

—Bro. Liu Chi Cheng led a one night and 2 days of perfecting fellowship on the book of Philippians for the serving ones held in Tagaytay.

—Bro. Nai Peng was taken by the Lord in May but praise the Lord, instead of being pulled down, both the Chua family and the church turned to be fiercer in fighting against the enemy.

1993—Bro. Liu Chi Cheng led a group of saints to attend the Summer Training on Joshua, Judges and Ruth. He came back to hold a special conference in three venues: Manila, Malabon and Quezon City. This stirred up the negative element in Quezon City to come out to the open, and they got exposed. Malabon continued to preach the gospel to keep up the spiritual atmosphere of the work.

1994—The 1009-sq.-meter lot was purchased for almost 7 million pesos. The church was blessed much. The 7 million pesos were to be raised up in one year but praise the Lord, He enabled the saints to be able to raise the great amount before one year lapsed.

1995—January, the most glorious love feast was held at the new lot. The American brothers who spoke on God Becoming Man that Man may Become God were tendered a love feast with all the serving ones of the churches in Metro Manila and the nearby provinces. What a glorious meeting!

Summer—The Junior Young People Summer Bible Class first batch came into being under the direct coordination of Brother Thomas Pe and Sister Carmen Francisco.

—A glorious wedding of an elder in Caloocan with a serving sister in the Literature Center.

—A group of Malabonians attended the Winter Training in Anaheim. This was the first time for the Malabonians to be at a Winter Training.

—The weekly Thursday breakfast meeting of the young coordination came into being.

May, 1996 — The Malabonians attended the Blending Fellowship in Malaysia. Singapore was also visited.

October — Bro. Liu Chi Cheng with some elders, one from Malabon, and some co-workers attended the elders and co-workers meeting in Anaheim on the Full Ministry of Christ. This culminated in the Philippines National Blending Fellowship held in Tinajeros Sport Plaza, Malabon.

December—The Winter Training was also attended by the elder-co-worker of Malabon.

1997’s Important Events

1997—An Php 11-million lot was purchased—500 saints’ total pledges amounted to P10.75 M. The lot was originally priced at 12 million pesos but after further negotiation, the selling price was decreased to Php 11 million. Five hundred saints wrote their pledges, the smallest was Php 2.00. The biggest was Php 2 million, for a total figure of Php 10.75 M. (the deal was closed on June 20, 1997.)

Summer—Malabon young people came out with an audio tape, “Sound of the New Man.”

—Bro. W. Lee passed away on June 9, at 9:30 a.m. (U.S.A. time).

July — Elders of Malabon attended the burial.

Some Memorable Activities in 1998

January—Brother Liu Chi Cheng, accompanied by Sister Liu, his translator and an octogenarian Malabon sister visited Catanduanes of Region V.

Summer—Sound of the New Man, part II was produced.
April—New Zealanders led by Ray Macnee visited Malabon.

May—Over 20 Malabonians joined the International Blending Fellowship in Taipei. Bro. Jacinto Chua represented the work to speak for Northern Philippines. Bro. Jacinto Chua and Sister Charing Garcia, representing the Work, and Bro. Joe Lim, representing the church, attended.

June—Gospel D, Gospel preaching to designated people with a letter, was launched. A dentist couple were among the first fruit harvested. Now there is a district meeting at their home.

—Three Malabonians attended the Summer Training on the Crystallization-study of Hebrews, Part I, and the International Thanksgiving held at the newly-acquired campus.

October—Bro. William Chua represented the Work in the Elders and Co-workers’ Training in Anaheim.

—First volume of children’s songs in audio tape came out.

October 31, 1998—The first tour guide training was held at the meeting hall of the church with twelve trainees from the church in Manila.

Additional Care Members

January 1999 — 14 brothers were invited to attend the bi-monthly Monday evening core-group meeting for developing coordinators.

New Buildings and Goal Attained

2000—Two canopies and s three-story dormitory were constructed.

December 31, 2000—The goal of having 2,000 saints attending the Lord’s table meeting was overshot; 2,071 grown-ups plus more than 300 children attended

Three More Elders Appointed

January 2001—Three more elders, namely, Brothers Jun Cruz, Bert de Leon and Marcos Lim were added to the five, namely Brothers Jacinto Chua, Joe Lim, Thomas Pe, William Chua and Fred Bondoc.

Other memorable Activities

February 9-13, 2001—The first Hymn Gospel Festival was held in Malabon with a total of 160 persons baptized. The Hymn Gospel Festival was held for the 17 churches of metro manila, and coordinated by the churches of Taiwan particularly the church in Hualien.

April-May, 2001 — 45 days were, allotted for the Young People’s Training, Conference, Shepherds’ Training, Junior Young People Summer Bible Class.

(Source: Profile of the churches 2001, pp. 25-31)